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Evie Rivera

After 25 plus years in the beauty industry, Evie Peterson is a Shareholder, Manager, Coach, Educational Director and head stylist at Octagon Salon & Spa in Gurnee Illinois.In the beauty industry, Evie has achieved some of the highest goals set by the industry . Publications in fashion and trade magazines such as Up Scale Magazine in Los Angeles, Coiffure, Passion, Modern Salon, Bang Style, contest, tutorials in Bang Style and working Fashion Weeks in NYC, LA, Paris and Canada are just a few of her highlights.She has been called to work the American Heart Association, Red Dress Event with celebrities and Redken Artist Giovanni Giuntoli founder of Tearsheet in New York City. She has consulted and worked on celebrities such as Tatyana Ali, Sherri Shepherd and Skai Jackson and many others. She has also participated in the annual charity event called St Baldricks to raise money for kids with cancer in the Chicago area.

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Evie Rivera


The Ripple Effect styling principle is based on the understanding that the foundation of your hair is connected to your next move. These connections stretch like an incredibly interwoven and complicated tapestry. Thoughts of my class are like a stone dropping in a pond that creates ripples throughout your career.

Sam villa

"Passionate-Knowledgeable-Teacher these are just a few words that come to mind at the mention of Evie Peterson's name. Her incredible knowledge is easily transferred because of her willingness to share it, and her devotion to her craft and audience. Evie's down to earth approach to education is refreshing. Evie is able to activate any audience while sharing many salon ideas and secrets to success. She is a pleasure to work with and a true crowd pleaser. I highly recommend Evie Peterson for any educational event.

Natale Fiocchi

Evie has taught me how to be a professional in the salon while still rocking out my talents behind the chair. If you are at all interested in advanced cutting techniques, simple quick tips, social skills (and everything in between!) she is your girl!

Learn to control long hair using easy salon friendly techniques right off the runway to the salon, developed by session stylist Evie.

Brendaliz Pagan

_I am Brendaliz Pagan and I had the opportunity to have Evie Rivera-Peterson as an educator in a Luxury Finishing class for editorial photos in NYC. I loved the experience, she always gave me suggestions and valuable recommendations. The thing I liked most about her class were the braiding ideas and the hot tips that she gave us. Evie Rivera-Peterson is super energetic and positive. _
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Giovanni Giuntoli

_Evie makes education A part of her Life. She lives and breathes it, not to mention, applies her knowledge in her everyday salon and photographic life. To have an expert in your salon like Evie would be setting yourself apart and above all other salons. Evie is one of our lead educators at Tearsheet for good reasons.
The Editorial world is hard to break into but Evie has not only broken in she has crushed it with leading shows, guiding teams of professionals on shoots and so much more.
Harness the power of knowledge by inviting evie to come share with your team you won’t regret it!

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    Experience Zoom in HD

    Tool List

    Styling finishing brush
    Carbon comb
    Bobby pins Short and long
    Hairpins short and long
    Elastic cord or Crystal tech
    Blow dryer
    Curling iron 3/4 and 1 inch.

    The Flow

    10:00- 10:15 open Meet and Greet
    10:15-10:35 Evie shares Technique, Directional Blow
    10:35-11:00 Attendees re-create the look
    11:00-11:20 Evie shares the technique of Securing a ponytail
    11:20-11:45 Attendees re-create the securing of the ponytail
    11:45-12:00 close Qs&As


    Fashion Week Around the world

    NYC | Chicago| L.A. | Vancouver | Paris

    In today's world, we're more connected than ever — at least in one way and that is through sharing our experiences.

    Evie Rivera


    • The importance of building your foundation

    • Understanding product placement

    • Why a directional blow-dry is critical

    • Using the right tools

    • How to add value to your salon services

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    The coronavirus pandemic has forced many us into difficult situations, but that doesn’t mean support isn’t available.You’ll find a list of organizations offering help to those in need .

    Three Braided Buns

    Embracing Your Curls

    Adding Extension | Braid

    Elevates the experience
    Creates guest loyalty
    Generate referrals

    "_The better experience customers have, the more repeats and rebooking will occur _"

    Excitement of learning something new
    Team building
    Adds value and confidence

    "79 percent of employees who quit their jobs claim that a lack of appreciation was a major reason for leaving"

    Increase in guest count
    Increases recruitment
    Creates more social engagement

    "Brand awareness is essential for consumers to remember your brand in relation"

    On going Education for your salon is one of the greatest financial decisions you will make. That's why I have carefully cultivated all of the education that I have received. Helping to ensure that all of your educational goals, both short- and long-term are met. We work in an industry where 10 percent of stylist will not be in the business a year from now. In stark contrast to this fact, I have been driving deep roots in the industry for over a decade.

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      Evie Rivera

      Editorial Stylist | Redken & Tearsheet Artist

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